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Evan Yoakum

Evan Yoakum

Evan Yoakum, 24 - Watertown, WI
Ever since I sat on the throne of my cousin’s drum kit at age 8, I’ve been playing the set and enjoying every minute of it. After playing in the local Watertown Wisconsin cover band “Problem Of Interest” since 2013, I have recently started a Pop-Punk band called “Falling Flat” in 2019. In addition to playing drums in two bands, I also operate my home studio called Red Shed Records that serves a few local bands in addition to my own. For my day job, I own and operate a small CNC machine shop, and I have other hobbies that include radio-controlled nitro/electric buggy racing, snowboarding, and competition shooting.

Falling Flat - Pop / Punk

Problem of Interest - Classic / Modern Rock Cover Band

Red Shed Records - Recording Studio

To everyone at Soultone Cymbals, thank you for this amazing opportunity! These Explosion cymbals have so much life and volume, and with every hit they deliver excitement to my playing and my sound. They sound KILLER in the overhead mics with some LA-2A compression. I’m stoked, to say the least, to record and gig with them!

My Soultone Set: 

21" Explosion Ride
17" Explosion Crash
16" Explosion Crash
14" Explosion Hi Hats

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