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Esteban Rotunno

Esteban Rotunno

He began his studies at age 11 with Gustavo Ottaviani, his musical debut was set at 15 in the under circuit. At 20 he began his career as a professional musician, joining Under Ground (a tribute to Joaquin Sabina) and Soul to Soul (Cover Rock Band) traveling around the greater Buenos Aires and the capital circuit, he got a contract with the Julian Aguirre Consevartorio Orchestra to play a composition of Hernan Lechuga and Monica Martin (Directors of the Orchestra). In the summer, music gave him the opportunity to work with Willy Crook, Fabiana Cantilo, Deborah Dixon. In 2006 he joined the Brazil and Pornophonic (soul band), he toured on the Atlantic coast, 2007 gave him the opportunity to be the opening act for Luis Salinas, creating a very large friendship with J. Morelli (drummer of Luis Salinas, All Jarreau, Spinetta, etc), this friend generates today to be his replacement. In 2007 The Brazil participates on The Jazz Festival Federation (Entre Rios). Joined the Pepsi Music 2007 with Chala Rasta (reggae). In 2009 assumed the musical direction of the Brazil and writes arrangements of the Brazil

( / labrasilnova).

Currently working on several projects, Josi Dias (Brasil), Paul Dourge Quartet (Jazz/fusion), Matias Natale (Pop), Wincofunk (disco), Pornophonic (soul, r & b, funk), The Brazil (Brazilian popular music), The Djavanera (tribute to Djavan), works as drumming arranger and records for MUSIC FACTORY PROD.

( It also performs adaptations of works for musical productions.

Worked in Barcelona in 2008 and 2007 on the “FESTA MAIOR Festival” on Granollers, Mataró, Barcelona, Arens de Mar, Marselle.

Artists who worked with

Luis Salinas, Andres Ciro, Paul Dourge, Javier Lozano, Alejandro Tula, John Valentino, Paul Markovsky, Bernardo Monk, Federico Arbia, Osvaldo Suarez, Marcelo Mira, Tulio Molina, Juanse, Paulinho Nunnes, Brother Bastos, Chala Rasta , Fasu Kanu, Paul Plebs, Willy Crook, Faithfull Marianne, Deborah Dixon, Valentino, Pocho Lapouble, No Square (Switzerland), Daniel Maza (Uruguay), Julia Zenko, Kiki Ferreira (Brasil) , Abel Rogantini, Gonzalo Aloras, Alfredo Remus, Matias Natale, German Barcelo, Pablo Porcceli.


• Acoustic drum, electronics, Afro-Brazilian percussion, guitar elementary school.


• Gustavo Ottaviani, Jota Morelli, Oscar D'Auria.

• Seminar on use and care of the instrument of Cymbals (Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste).

• Master Class Brazilian rhythms dictated by Hermeto Pascoal (2009, Bs As, Argentina).

Artistic Production:

• Performance-based arrangements (bass and drums) for Pop-Rock-Soul-Funk-Samba-Bossa productions.

Music News:

• Paul Dourge Quartet (Doruge-Rogantini-Aloras-Rotunno)

• La Brasil (Brazilian Popular Music)

• The Djavanera (tribute to Djavan)

• Pornophonic (Soul, R & B, Funk)

• Matias Natale (Pop – MF Records)

• WincoFunk (Disco Music)

Teaching today:

• Teaching particular instrument.

• Educational programming including digital sequences.


• Jazz Festival Pinamar (Eye Theatre Arts) 2008

• Festival "Festa Maior" (Barcelona, Spain) 2008

• Festival of Jazz Federation (Entre Rios) 2007

• Pepsi Music 2007 (Day Reggae)

• Festival de Jazz de Buenos Aires 2010


• Ezequiel (Rock-Pop) "Ezequiel," "The necessary evil"

• La Brasil "Live" (Pinamar Jazz Festival)

• Wincofunk "Disco"

• Pornophonic "Groove Theory"

. Matias Natale