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Hawaii’s Eric Lagrimas is a producer, musician, and entrepreneur who combines raw elements of pure energy, musical integrity and a knack for business. Starting off his musical journey on the saxophone in the 4th grade, Eric excelled in concert and jazz band by day and dabbled with hard rock, heavy metal, and grunge guitar with his two younger brothers. The budding sibling trio performed a handful of shows around the state while exploring other realms of music like jazz, funk, and rap. After high school, Eric entered Boston’s Berklee College of Music and graduated with a degree in Music Business/Management. He soon started up his own record label and music publishing company, Pass Out Records and Pass Out Music Publishing. Moving back to Hawaii after a 10 year stint in the US Mainland, Eric was recruited by a high school classmate to audition for the vacated drum seat of the high-energy rock/reggae/ska band PIMPBOT. Since 2005, Eric has maintained the role of drummer, co-band manager, and record label. PIMPBOT has gone on to several tours of the US Mainland, Canada and Asia, performed as an official showcase artist for South By Southwest (2009, 2010), and shared the stage with many celebrated artists in the pop, rock, ska, and reggae worlds. Citing his drum influences as diverse as Steve Gadd, Chad Smith, and Dave Grohl, Eric believes it’s all about the song, first and foremost. “I’m not a flashy or technical player. I like to create the best possible feel for our songs, even if it means just playing a kick, snare and hi-hat." Soultone Cymbals gives me an awesome sound palate to choose from!”

Eric is currently endorsed by Soultone Cymbals, Silverfox Drumsticks, Beato Bags. PIMPBOT is sponsored by Jagermeister.

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