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Epov Vitaly

Epov Vitaly

Epov Vitaly was born June 25, 1995 in the village Evsin Novosibirsk a region in Russia. In 2002, when he was 7 he entered the primary school number 13 in Baikalsk township . In 2003 he enrolled in music school of Baikalsk where he took classes of percussion instruments. In 2005 Vitaly’s family moved to Irkutsk city where Vitaly continued his studies at boarding school. Vitaly began to actively participate in the activities of the school concert , featuring a high level of knowledge in musical subjects .Vitaliy participated in outreach concerts in schools at different cities of Russia; successfully participated annually in various school and inter-regional competitions in the category of solo performance , as well as in international competitions as part of the school orchestra . Vitaly annually performed on the stage of the Irkutsk Region Philharmonic . In 2009 he began to learn drums in jazz at Big Band Regional Children's Art School , which included concert performed at various venues in the city and region. In 2010 Vitaliy joined the Irkutsk College of Music. Vitaly is currently on his 3rd year and is already widely popular performer on the drum set in the orchestras of Irkutsk.

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