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Emilio Serse

Emilio Serse

As We Collide

Emilio Serse was born December 31st 1990 in Queens, New York and began playing the drums in elementary school when he was 10.He was brought up on drums from his father and older brother, so music was always around him. He got his first drum set at the age of 13 and quickly became popular because everyone wants to be a drummer or be with the drummer. He grew up in the Newburgh area of New York . Newburgh always had a very diverse music scene, and he blended right into the middle of it because of his broad taste of music. Emilio fell right into the punk/hardcore scene and you can sense it in his drumming. He is also a huge fan of Reggae and Dancehall Music.
He was highly regarded as one of the top drummers in the Hudson Valley region of New York .Throughout middle school and high school he was in countless bands that played locally. Emilio is also an aspiring actor and writer.He is one of the founding members of the Alternative Rock band, As We Collide, which formed in 2007, took a break, and got back together in 2019 after a ten year hiatus. When he’s not playing the drums or recording, he is playing hockey.
He’s been with Soultone since 2020




My Soultone Set: 

14” soultone extreme hi hats
18” soultone extreme crash
20” soultone explosion crash ride

20” soultone extreme ride