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Emanuel E.Romero

Emanuel E.Romero

I was born in December 24th 1978 in Mendoza Argentina. Since a very early age I came into contact with music through my parents. In the context of Christian churches I started to play different musical instruments such as guitar, the trumpet, flute, violin, piano and percussion instruments among others. This developed my passion for music.

When I was thirteen years old, after a jazz concert I felt attracted to drums. After that I studied orchestral percussion for 5 years. At the moment I’m about to finish my career in Popular Music with a specialisation in latin and folcloric percussion UNC. I have taken part in studio recordings with rock,jazz,folclore,bossa nova artist; as well as in live perfomances with diferent artist.

I’ve played with latin gospel artists like Andrea Francisco, Edgard Rocha, Danilo Montero and Kristy Motta. I have also shared stage with David Zurdo Paz(well-known drummer of Mendoza),Jaci Velazques,Marcos Vidal;Richie Gajate garcía,Abel Orta, Javier Solis and the drummer Alvaro Lopez among others.

Recently I’ve played with a band of soul-funk fusion called “Base_ 33” and I have participated in diverse shows with artists of different styles.

Up to now, since last August 2009, I’ve been playing with pop artist Cristian Soloa (winner of the TV show Pop Idol) performing for 35.000 people in countries such as Argentina,Chile and sharing stage with musicians like Pedro Aznar and Juan Carlos Baglieto.

Right now I’m playing with Cristian soloa (pop),Supersonics (funk)La bolivian (foxtro-regaee,New trio(fusión). In 2011-2012 im playing with "SACUIRI" new band of latin music.

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