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Eloy Vasquez II

Eloy Vasquez II

With over a decade of experience, musician, Eloy Vasquez has dedicated his life to the music industry. He has exceeded his goals and talents playing Latin Percussion, touring all around North, South and Central America throughout his career. Eloy’s astonishing hand techniques have allowed him to master his distinctive playing style on congas, timbales, cajon and guiro.

Eloy was raised in Corpus Christi, TX and also in the small town of Freer, Texas. Growing up, he surprisingly became fascinated with the Alto Saxophone, which was the first instrument he performed with in Junior High. Upon encouragement of close mentors, Eloy expanded his interest in music and soon discovered his passion and appreciation for Latin Percussion. As he began seeking inspiration from other Latin Percussion artists, he located DJ/Music Producer, El Dusty, who educated him on the well-known Latin American Percussion instrument, the guiro. Eloy effortlessly mastered playing the guiro which led him to his professional music career; lead guiro player for AB Quintanilla III.

In 2010, Eloy began touring in North, South and Central America with AB Quintanilla III. Traveling to Bolivia and Mexico City, Mexico, he was honored to share the stage with popular international artists, Luis Enrique, Prince Royce and Leslie Grace. Aside from performing in sold out stadiums, Eloy attended the Premios Billboards in Los Angeles, California where he was privileged to showcase his skills on stage. Throughout the rest of his professional career with AB Quintanilla III, he was featured in many live TV talk shows: El Show de Cristina, Gordo y la Flaca, Un Nuevo Dia and Despierta America and Charytin y Felipe.

Years after starting his professional career, he recorded on his first album in 2013; Blanco Y Negro by AB Quintanilla y Los Kumbia All Starz released by Univeral Music Latin and Siente Music. Eloy later debuted in the live DVD, Los Exitos Kumbia Kings. As his career accelerated, Eloy secured a position with American Guitarist, Chris Perez, performing Rock en Espanol.

Though still passionate about playing guiro, Eloy admired his idol, Karl Perazzo, percussionist for Santana and was inspired to play congas and timbales; which are now his primary instruments. After years in the Latin music industry, Eloy has been gifted the ability to cross over and boast his techniques in American Country Music, playing percussion for Nashville's Recording Artist and Texas Songwriter, J.R Castillo. He will continue to exceed his role as a percussionist in the music industry and become an inspiration to fellow musicians. Eloy would also like to Thank some of his mentors that have been by his side since he first started: Percussionist Joseph Jody Lopez, Grammy award winning Drummer Joe Gonzalez, and Grammy award winning Producer/Keyboardist Robert "Bobbo" Gomez. He would also Like to Thank God, and last but not least his amazing Parents that supported his dreams since day one.

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