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Eli Chacon

Eli Chacon

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado Eli Chacon started drumming at the age of 10 at his local church 3ra IAFCJ Denver. As a kid, he grew up watching and studying very talented Christian drummers like Alvaro Lopez, Calvin Rodgers, and Aaron Spears that inspired him to play and love drums. His father Carlos Chacón a musician himself, was always strict with his kids when it came to practice and being musically disciplined. Having that his whole childhood, made him into the person he is today, a lover of God and a worshipper before anything.

Soultone is different from other cymbal brands because they make you feel proud when you play their cymbals. They give you sounds that no other company could fulfill.
What I love about Soultone Cymbals is having your signature on their cymbals. It makes you not only feel good but encourages you to keep on working hard and makes you strive for more.
As soon as I saw the words “Artist Eli Chacón”, it made me feel proud but also made me more humble and made me more grateful that this opportunity has been opened to me. It made me grow more as a musician.

My Soultone Set: 

15” Custom Brilliant Hi Hats
10” Gospel Splash
18” Custom Brilliant Crash
19” Gospel Crash
20 FXO 6 Crash
22” Gospel Ride