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Edwin Descamps

Edwin Descamps

Passionate about music since his childhood, he discovered the world of punk-rock and metal as a teenager.
The desire comes to want to start playing drums.
He started behind the kit later than average at the age of 18.

Strong learning with a good musical ear and a lot of perseverance have made him his strong points since his beginnings.
Completely self-taught, he has developed over the years and projects in which he has participated in a powerful game, open and mixes all his influences possible in his drum parts.

Since 2015, he has been working with INFECTED based in the south of Belgium. Over the years, the band became a reference for big sound lovers in Belgian Luxembourg.
The band released their first album in 2019 and after many gigs to prove their worth, they are currently working on the second one.

My Soultone Set: 

12" extreme china
17" extreme china
20" explosion ride
18" explosion crash
19" explosion crash
14" explosion hi hat pair

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