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Edwardo Rivas

Edwardo Rivas

Latin Heart / Royal Dukes / Westside Horns

Edwardo Rivas is a drummer from San Antonio Texas and comes from a family of musicians that have been playing music before he was born. As a diverse session drummer for several decades he has played all over the globe with various artists such as The Westside Horns, DvJazz and late Tejano Legend Emilio Navaira. The stage is a second home to Eddie as he plays Theme parks, Jazz festivals and concert halls. As a songwriter for BMI, he has won multiple awards including a Grammy to several nominations.

My Soultone Set: 

17" FXO 12 Effect Crash
16" Gospel Crash
16” Brilliant Crash
10” Brilliant splash
14” Vintage Hi Hats
20” Vintage old school Patina Flat Ride