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Eduardo Oviedo Rios

Eduardo Oviedo Rios

Manizales January 31 - 1993

Start his percussion studies at 11 with Víctor Hugo López and Uriel Andrés Marín on the Batuta Caldas Foundation, quickly opens his way to the Marco Tulio Arango symphonic orchestra, there he plays as one of the main percussionist and guest musician on the other two orchestras of the foundation, making his first soloist concert at the age of 12.

Leaves the Batuta Caldas Foundation when he was 14 to study drums by himself. After 2 year of study starts recording some demos with some metal, rock and pop bands reaching recognition on the local scene, and sharing stage with artists like Doctor Krapula and César López.

Actually is a music degree student in the Caldas University under the teaching of Rubén Alarcón, is preparing a tour with the Caldas Horn ensemble and recording an album with the Rock band GEN, here he serves as drummer, percussionist and one of the composers. Is also playing drums for the pop artist Juanes Molina, and the blues band La Séptima.

He has also received master classes with the Venezuelan drummer Andrés Briceño, North American drummer Carmen Intorre, the Colombian percussionists Samuel Torres and diego Galé and the Puerto Rican percussionist and recording artist Giovanni Hidalgo. He also has shared the stage in national festivals with bands like Pornomotora, Diva Gash, Koyi K Utho among others.