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Eder Davila

Eder Davila

Based out of San Antonio,Texas. Eder has been a drummer for industrial, metal and pop punk projects in and around the area. On the road always might change a few things, but the cymbals stay the same. Covered in a few studio sessions and has had his soultone cymbals for over 6 years welcoming the new, 20inch extreme crash to the family. One major use in session work and outstanding post on twitch and youtube to a growing fan base. "One big factor for me as an artist has always been to grow and learn and develop the craft, always add accents and make sure to not drown out the track. One of my favorite memories is always sneaking into the music store and going to bash on the drums, for the life of me it's still a passion'.
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The difference is the attention to detail, each cymbal cuts perfectly in the mix, saving time and adding character to the track.
I love that with Soultone cymbals I have nothing to worry about the cymbals have a consistent sound. It's the best set up for any genre, they stand the test of time for sure. What makes them better is they keep going. They are a work horse, I have let other players try them and it beats the competition on sound. I have used Soultone cymbals before being endorsed, other artists should try them to get a quality that will have longevity.
Soultone has helped me have reliable sound both at shows and in the studio. Artist relations goes above and beyond great to get what you really seek and try to get out of the cymbals. Shout out to Lior for having conversations on the phone with me to get me to decide.

My Soultone Set: 

14 inch custom brilliants
17 inch extreme crash
20 inch extreme crash
22 inch vintage crash
20inch custom ride