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Eddie Core

Eddie Core

Don't be fooled, Eddie Core is an excellent human being. True, he is viciously dedicated to the craft, mechanics, and art of drumming. And it's true that his abusive treatment of drum heads over the years has rewarded him with deep, conscious chops. Even so, Core has long favored heart over arrogance and remains one of the most down-to-earth, genuinely passionate players you're likely to meet.

Stylistically, Core has developed a deep-pocketed bump in his rock drumming that took shape within a formal education in jazz, funk, rock, aftro-cuban, brazilian, and other odd-meter styles, but probably started when he first picked up sticks at the age of 10. Over time, he crafted a muscular but intelligent signature honed while globetrotting military bases, eventually winning the “All Europe MVP" award for his work in the Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Europe All-Star Jazz Big Band.

Honduran-born Core decided to take his drumming career by the horns after moving to the States in 2005. He enrolled in the L.A. Music Academy and seriously expanded his vocabulary while still managing to hold onto the kind of controlled energy that can only be explained after seeing him in action. Shortly after graduating in 2007, Core exercised his keen nose for quality and joined up with award-winning indie rock trio Armada (armada-band.com), a group that he continues to propel with finesse, confidence, and an earnest appreciation for all things rhythmic.


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