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Eddie “Splash” Woodbury

Eddie “Splash” Woodbury

Eddie “Splash” Woodbury was born in Philadelphia,PA. He is 33 years old. He started playing music from birth. His mother says that when she was pregnant with him that she would make beats on her stomach and when he was born he would make beats while being in the crib and then later in life it transferred to drum sets and percussion instruments. He started playing drums/percussion because while growing up he seen two of his favorite people Jzette Jackson and Ron Porter (aunt and cousin)play as they inspired him to see what the different sounds and tones were about. He loves to play all music styles but mainly inspirational because it tells a story from the pen to people through their ears and heart. He chose Soultone Cymbals because it was something different about the texture and clean sound of the cymbals that he’d never experienced before. He has to give credits and shout outs to Jzette Jackson Ron Porter David Jones Aaron Draper Nik Rouse Jer-Z Mason Edward “Busta” Fields Tre Lambert Mark “Gerb” Thomas John T. Elder
Dev Adams
Anthony “Boom” Hanna Robby Lewis
J. Hymon Phil Gladden Simeon Irby Brian Woodard
Hayward Hamilton Phil Woodard
Dave Woodard
Nathaniel Woodard(deceased)
and a plethora of others that believed in him gigged with and/or helped inspire his gift. He can be reached on Facebook Ed Wood(Splash The Percussionist) and on Twitter @Ed87Percussion.

Soultone is different from any other brand I tired because of the uniqueness of sound and quality of various sounds of your playing different genres of music
I love the fact that when you play them it’s like a sound that you really can’t explain it’s the feeling of the cymbals hitting your ear and I would tell other drummers to try this company because it has a plethora of choices sound wise and feel
As a drummer it has opened my mind to expand that there wasn’t just companies that I was use to but that there is more when you go beyond what you feel you know. The artist relations has been amazing everything has been professional patient and handled in a way where I can respect as well as be respected

My Soultone Set: 

12” Vintage Splash
13” Vintage Crash
14” FXO
12”Gospel Splash
10” Extreme Hi Hats