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Ed Masi

Ed Masi

Fearless Ambassador

Ed Masi has played live and recorded with several bands and solo artists, including: Hector Penalosa (The Zeros), The Ghosts of California, Dustin Aaron, The Melanies, Al Cosgrove, Wild Willy Parsons (Comedian), and The Phantoms. He can be heard most recently drumming with the bands Fearless Ambassador and Davenport, on Maren Parusel’s singles “Aeroplane”, "Days in Universe" & "Breathe Underwater", and Ellenike Abreu’s latest offerings. Ed also composes music for film and TV.

My Soultone Set: 

15" Extreme Hi Hats, 19" Extreme Crash, 20" Custom Crash, 21" Vintage Old School Ride