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Earl Orr

Earl Orr

Earl Orr (aka e.lo) Is a seasoned well rounded drummer. Since the age of 9 years old he has been keeping it in the pocket. Raised in the highly musically charged city of Detroit, e.lo has honed skills starting off in church and soon becoming a fixture in the Detroit music scene. Was a staff drummer for Straight Gate International Church, staff drummer for Face to Face Productions, drummer for rock group The Sciencefair and staff drummer for the Plowshares Theatre.

Now relocated to Charlotte, e.lo found his space doing studio work, staff drummer for St. Mark’s United Methodist Church and created/produced a new sound with his jazz incarnation Radio 77 and laying down serious pocket for up and coming artist Tru’ Hendrix and the Revival.

My Soultone Set: 

10’ Brilliant RA Splash
13’ Vintage Hi-Hat’s
13’ Natural Crash
16’ Brilliant RA Hi-Hat’s
16’ Vintage Crash
17’ Vintage Crash
21’ Custom Brilliant Ride
23’ FXO China