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Dylan Avery

Dylan Avery


Dylan Avery was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on Christmas Eve of 1998. He originally began his musical journey as a lead guitarist in a few local bands, before falling in love with the drums. He has played drums for local bands in the hardcore and punk scenes of his hometown. Dylan is the founding drummer of punk band Sour Grapes, who would release an EP, play many local shows, as well as two shows in Vancouver. The project went on to become inactive in March of 2020. He also filled in for Sugarwash at Metalocalypstick 2019, learning their entire set in one night before hitting the road. He is currently the drummer of metal band, SkullSplitter. They are currently recording their first demo and have a tour in the process of being booked, as well as available merch to purchase. Dylan brings to the stage a high energy performance, and is constantly motivated to keep improving his skills behind the kit by taking lessons from fellow Alberta drummers Gord Alexander and Bryan Newbury.

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My Soultone Set: 

8" Latin Splash
5" Bell
14” Explosion Hi Hats
16” Explosion Crash
17" FXO12 Crash
20” Explosion Crash
21” Extreme Ride
18" Explosion China