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Drew Stevens

Drew Stevens

The Catching

Born and raised in central New Jersey, Drew Stevens started his music career in the 4th grade when he joined the school band. Originally playing the trumpet, he started to learn the basics of music and how to play with other members. In the 5th grade, he was in a group lesson for the jazz band when his music teacher sat behind the drum kit to play along. Watching his teacher, Drew was flooded with awe and his obsession for drums came about. Late in that year for a final lesson, Drew was able to choose which instrument he wanted his final lesson on. He naturally sat behind the drum set and started to play what his teacher would tell him. After that lesson Drew was hooked.

Drew was instructed by Chris Stone who taught not only how to play drums, but how to learn the drums as well. Stone showed him methods such as, playing the same beat with alternating hands, learning through watching and studying a certain drummers live performance, which Drew continues to use today. Stone also taught him the ropes of the industry and inspired Drew’s passion for Soultone Cymbals.

Drew is a member in the Pop-Rock band, The Catching, who have now started to tour and build a fanbase. They have released an official EP called “Teenage Fiction Pt. 1” out on all music platforms. The Catching recently completed the fall leg of the High School Nation Tour and are embarking on the Digitour late fall/early winter. With plans of recording and releasing more music, Drew and The Catching are busier than ever.

Drew is grateful for the opportunities his hard work has given him, and knows that his consistent dedication will make this a lifelong journey.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Vintage Ride
13" Gospel Hi Hats
16" Gospel Crash

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