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Douglas S. Ford

Douglas S. Ford

Douglas S. Ford (b.1983) holds a Master of Music degree in Percussion Performance, and a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Illinois State University. He is currently touring/recording with Pop Country singer/songwriter, Aileeah Colgan, as well as with his instrumental Prog Jam trio, Kuh Nives. Douglas has adopted the moniker, DrUGFOoD, for his solo works for drumset, percussion, and synth/backing tracks. In addition to performing, Douglas also instructs private lessons and ensembles at the collegiate level, and is in the final stages of publishing his first instructional method book. Douglas regularly posts demonstrational videos of complicated mixed meter drumset grooves on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and may be contacted at for collaboration/session work inquiries.

Instagram: @dsf.drums, and @kuhnivesband
Twitter: @DouglasSFord, and @KuhNives
YouTube: DSF Drums, and Kuh Nives

My Soultone Set: 

-8” Heavy Hammered Prototype Splash
-8” Q Series Aux Hats with FXO bottom
-14” Natural Prototype Hi Hats with extra heavy hammering (concept/custom order)
-14” Natural Prototype Hi Hats
-18” Natural Prototype Crash (top stack/hat)
-19” Vintage Crash (bottom stack/hat)
-20” Heavy Hammered Prototype Crash
-22” Natural Prototype Ride with raw bell and heavy hammering (concept/custom order)
-22” Natural Prototype Crash/Ride
-22” Natural Prototype Flat Ride with rivets