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Doug Rezac

Doug Rezac

Soultone cymbals provide me with crisp and clear tones. These cymbals give me the sounds I've been looking for. Unsurpassed in dynamics and tone! When it's time to take performance to the next level and get on top, don't just settle for anything...have confidence in knowing that your cymbals will sound great every night with Soultone cymbals!

Every drummer, musician and engineer wants to know what cymbals I play. They are blown away by the color and tonality I get with my Soultone cymbals. I have finally found my soulmate with Soultone!

I have used my Soultone cymbals playing pop/rock with Grammy nominee Darren Geffre, soul and funk with award nominee Christian artist Dawn Kinsman, and I also played a recent gig with jazz bass great and movie soundtrack composer Kyle Eastwood. These cymbals not only sound great, they look great, too!!

Let's all spread a little Soultone!!