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Doug Fuller

Doug Fuller

Southwest Missouri (specifically Joplin), is home base for this Drummer/Percussionist of 40+ years, who actually began his love of music, and his music career, with piano lessons, but quickly tired of the piano, and was drawn to the physical aspects of rhythm, and Drumming.

Almost entirely “self taught”, with the exception of about 5 lessons, and guidance from a couple of local drummers, he’s played in a professional capacity since his exit from the US Army, in the summer of ‘86.

“My Grandmother always watched the Lawrence Welk show on TV (back in the early 70’s) and watching drummer Paul Humphrey being featured one night, was the FIRST time that a drummer ever caught my attention”, and he says that the next event, “watching Peter Criss play with KISS in 1975, on The Midnight Special”, is what “cemented” his interest in playing Drums!

“After watching THAT performance , I began banging on boxes, buckets, the kitchen table, just ANYTHING I could find, to play ANY kind of rhythm on,...I drove my parents crazy!...LOL”
He bought his first 4 piece Majestic drum kit for $40, in 1978.

Fast forward to now, 40+ years later....
He’s played in Rock bands, Country bands, Pop bands, Dance bands, worked with a James Brown impersonator, played in musical theatre (in Germany), worked on the road with “Graceland sanctioned” Elvis impersonator Dennis Wise, and he was also a drummer working in nationally known theme park “Silver Dollar City”, in Branson Missouri, for 4 years, he’s also performed shows playing drums for country Artists Johnny Bush, and Jim Stafford.

He’s been in bands over the years, opening for a very diverse selection of Artists, such as Sawyer Brown, Exile, Cheap Trick, The Little River Band, The Smothers Brothers, The Bellamy Brothers, The Diamonds, Waylon Jennings, 38 Special, and many others.

He now plays Latin percussion, and is Lead vocalist, in his own Soul/Funk group “DR. FUNK & The Soul Vaccinations” playing the casino circuit in the Midwest, as well as playing drums in the bands of Western Swing Artist “Dewayne Bowman”, and with Dance/Variety group, the “Eddie Valen Band”.

“My favorite drummers are Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford, Terry Bozzio, Dennis Chambers, Jack Dejohnette, Pierre Favre, guys who I feel are pioneering, well as almost any drummer/ Percussionist, that I’ve witnessed in Gamelan orchestral music!
Since becoming involved with SOULTONE, I’ve really checked out both Jerohn Garnett, and Nick Smith, and have certainly added those guys to my list of favorites!”

“In a normal day, I can listen to the drummers of Balinese gamelan music, then turn on the Mahavishnu Orchestra, then listen to Hank William Sr., and then check out traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre music, or Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, and finally finish with some Devo!”

When asked to expound, and offer a few words about SOULTONE Cymbals, he offered this...

“The very first time I played SOULTONE Cymbals, I was immediately impressed with their “warm character”, and a beautiful “articulation” that was very present, AND very pleasing to the ears.
It was like they had been manufactured with a level of “built in EQ”, that I hadn’t experienced in any other cymbal brands, in 40+ years!”

“So, with their warmth, excellent articulation, obvious high quality, as well as critical attention to detail in manufacturing, it was really a very simple decision to populate my drum kit with these wonderful instruments,..and to get involved with a company that has the friendliest, and most efficient customer service, that I’ve ever dealt with, AND that truly cares about the people that use their fine cymbals!

It’s a decision I’ve PROUDLY made, and I strongly encourage other Drummers, and Percussionists, to follow suit!”

SOULTONE isn’t just “selling you a cymbal”, like other manufacturers,..they’re allowing you to invest in YOURSELF, in your OWN drumming career, by purchasing instruments of unparalleled quality, that will make YOUR Drumming a “sonically complete”, and “aurally pleasing” experience, for EVERYONE that hears YOU!

My Soultone Set: 

22” Natural Series Crash/Ride
20” Natural Series Crash/Ride
22” Custom Series China w/3 rivets
13” Extreme Series Hi Hats