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Donny Matthews

Donny Matthews is an American rock Drummer born in New York and currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. He is currently in the band Dead West out of Phoenix, Az. Donny has had the pleasure of playing in various rock bands such as Dysfunctional Therapy, Rex Rodgers band and got to play with the extremely talented bassist from Quiet Riot, Dio, Ozzy Osborne and White Snake Rudy Sarzo. Donny continues to show his skill on the Drums with a very talented group in Dead West. They have been opening for bands such as Jack Russells Great White, Buckcherry, LA Guns, Slaughter, Jackyl, Kingdom Come, Keifer band (formerly Cinderella). If you watch his live performance you will see why he has the nickname “MadMan”! Donny took a quote from one of his favorite Drummers Keith Moon, I love to hit stuff!!! This is how Donny expresses himself in Music. His influences include Alex Van Halen, John Bonham, Neal Peart, Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, Vinny Appice and of course Keith Moon.

Donny “MadMan” Matthews

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