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Dominique Williams

In Fort Riley, Kansas, February 8, 1986, Dominique P. Williams was born and his parents knew that he would be great at something they just didn't know it was music! At age two he would hear the music playing at church and that would be his cue to start beating on the pews with the wooden handles from the broken church fans lol. From that moment his parents noticed that he loved drums, especially when hairbrushes, combs, wooden spoons, pots and pans, etc... were missing!! His parents agreed to get his first drumset for his 3rd birthday it's was a muppets drumset lol!!! In 1989, the Williams family relocated to Fulda, Germany where his talent was cultivated by E.J. Smith, the church drummer, were his family attended. EJ took Dominique under his wing and sat him down next to the drums. Soon Dominique would start playing for the Sunshine Band at age 5 that was a big step for him but he did it. A year later his parents bought him a set of Rolotoms for Christmas, boy was he excited. In 1993 the Williams family relocated again to Fort Polk, Louisiana. The following Sunday they went to church at (JT) Johnson Temple C.O.G.I.C. As they sat there in service Dominique would get in the outer aisle and scoot on the rail inch by inch to the drums. Finally the pastors son Jeff invited him up to play and from there was history. Roy Mosby, minister of music appointed Dominique drummer for the sunshine band and friday night services at 7yrs old. Eventually he kept playing faithfully at JT and became the main drummer at 9yrs old. As he continued to play for the church his parents decided to invest in lessons for Dominique. Soon he started taking lessons from Instructor Lamar Merchant. Lamar taught Dominique that he's not just an ordinary drummer your a percussionist! Dominique decided to go out for band in 6th grade. He went to tryouts and the high school band director asked dominique repeat what he played on the drum pad so he did just that as he was amazed with his talented. But Dominique heard something else being played in the band room and it was the trumpet so he picked trumpet over drums. So he went on to play trumpet for school and drums for church. He excelled in trumpet for about a year and a half never sat below 3rd chair, by the middle of his 7th grade there was a song that advanced band was playing When The Saints Go Marching In. Because there was nobody in the percussion section that could play drumset so I asked my teacher if I could switched from trumpet to percussion and so he played percussion the rest of his 7th and 8th grade year. Toward the end of his year in 8th grade Dominique tried out for the high school drumline and he was successful he played 1st bass drum his freshman and was on the snare line for the remaining years of high school while playing in school he played in the symphonic band district and regional band. His senior year he graduated as Drumline Captain, meanwhile Dominique still played at church through school for concerts conventions and different genres of music!! His humbleness and reputation would proceed him through his career and he would like to recognize his influences: Jehovah God, My Beautiful Wife Stephanie, My 3 little Angels Karys, Dream, and Glais, My Parents Buffy and Angela, my siblings Eric and Erika(RIP), EJ Smith, Roy Mosby, Jeff Johnson, Lamar Merchant, Demarbieaux Taylor, Josh Jones, Micah Stampley, Andre Washington, Joey Oscar, Jeremy Lewis, Marion Bethune, Jonathan Simmons, Andronicus Jamison, Davon Jamison, Lil John Lumpkin, Ed Robinson, Jhenese Hester, Wilbert Neal, Meachum Clarke, Chris Stafford, Larry Wilson, Jameson Ross, Colby Straughter, Eric Carter, Corey R Johnson, Javon Hill, Jimmy Hill, Alex Hill, Padgen Nanton, Keith Carlock, Chris Daddy Dave, Jojo Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Heyward, Ladell Abrams, Aaron Spears, Terry Baker, Eric Green, George McCurdy, J. Drew Sheard, Questlove, and Stanley Randolph!!!!


Dominique has played for many artist such as:

Jeffrey Johnson and The Annointed

Johnson Temple Mass Choir

Louisiana 1st Jurisdiction Mass Choir

Gerard Woods

Micah Stampley

Josh Jones and Nu Horizon

University of Lousisana @ Lafeyette Gospel Choir

Ruby Terry and Southwest Mass Choir

Lacreshia Campbell

Vashawn Mitchell

Lawrence Flowers and Intercession

Jacinto Sims

Florida 2nd Ecclesiastes Jurisdiction Mass Choir

NEast Florida Full Gospel Mass Choir

Edward Waters College Choir

Mike Mitchner

Jermemy McIntyre

Javon and Jeremy


The Experience Live Band


Split Tone


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