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Dominic Thompson

My name is Dominic Thompson Sr.. I was born September 9,1982 To Jaye and Natalie Thompson. I am their only son and brother to Tasha Thompson-Adams. I've been playing drums since I was 2 years old. During my teenage years I attended Randallstown high school. I organized all the music, made drum tracks and played live drums for the 2000 senior year showcase. My first time playing drums as a professional was at the New beginning Highway Church of Christ. While there I began teaching drums at saint Matthew's Gospel Tabernacle located here in Baltimore, Maryland under the direction of William Thomas jr. I taught many students basic drum skills.

In 2001 I started working as a stage hand at Bill's Music House. As a stage handling, I assisted customers with the purchase of drum equipment, assembled drum display's and handled stock. I left Bill's Music House to become a sales associate at Guitar Center. While at Guitar Center, I work in the Drum Department assembling drum displays and making sales.

While working at guitar center, I played on my first live recording with Maureen Jeffries. I was employed as the drummer for the project but through the favor of God, I was later given the job of Music Director. My job as the Drummer/Music Director consisted of organizing the music as well as the drum tracks. In 2008 I was a judge for the Guitar Center Drum Off. My job was to grade the performance of all drummers in the competition. In 2009, I played live drums in a studio recording for DJ Fella. In that same year I organize a Drum Clinic called B'more United Drum Clinic. My focus was to give my approach to basic and advanced drumming. I also recorded my first Drum dvd in the same year.

Currently I play drums At Citadel of Restoration located in Beltsville Maryland under the leadership of Pastor Kenneth Chism. I have played for artist such as Maureen Jeffries, Jo Sallins, DJ Fella, Sekou Haze, Therron Fowler, Andre Harris, Benjamin Marsh and many others. I studied under great drummers such as Lester Wallace, Cory Baker and Saon Brice. In September of 2009 I got married to Krystle Thomas. I am the proud father of six beautiful children, four girls and two boys. The favor of God has surely smiled upon me early in my career. My prayer and goal is to play as much as I can when I can.