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Diogo Mota

Diogo Mota

GAEREA, Lhabya, Moonshade

José Diogo Ramos Mota, known as Diogo Mota, Is a drummer/percussionist born in 1995 from Oporto Portugal. Son of a Music enthusiast father and a arts loving mother, soon began to show interest in music and arts.
Started studying Drums and Guitar at 10 years old. In High School began to study classical percussion and later finished in music Degree in ESMAE (Superior School of Music and Performative Arts). Nowadays studies Jazz Drums at EJP (Oporto Jazz School).
In the past years had classes and masterclasses with: Michael Lauren, George Kollias, Benny Greb, Anika Niles, Kaz Rodriguez, Richard Spaven, Claus Hessler, Nuno Oliveira, Pedro Segundo, Alexandre Frazão, Miguel Casais, André Silva, …
As a Drummer, played with Ghastly Town, Ashes and Waves, Sotz, Wrath Sins and many others. Frequently works as a session musician. Plays with Lhabya and Gaerea. With this last band he as toured all over Europe and China and played with other bands like: Nifelheim, Batushka, Watain, Satyricon, Enthroned, MGLA, Aborted, Napalm Death, Primordial, Discharge, OAK, Jupiterian, Groza, Redemptus, Holocausto Canibal, and many others.

My Soultone Set: 

10" Natural Splash stacked on 12" Gospel China
14" Natural Hi-Hat
18" Natural Crash
18" Heavy Hammered Crash
18" Extreme Crash
18" FXO 6 Crash
18" Gospel China
18" Extreme China
21" Natural Ride


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