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Dimitri Zaik

Dimitri Zaik


1. Debut album release Magellanic Clouds - Composed, Recorded & Produced by Dimitri Zaik
iTunes link : http://bit.ly/buy-magellanic-clouds
Album Preview Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9cViu5Yeco

2. John Lennon Finalist Winner 'World Music Category' 2014 Session II
Track 9. Antigen Society off debut album Magellanic Clouds : http://jlsc.com/winners/2014b/finalists.php

3. Magellanic Clouds Video Release : Track 1. Old Wind Chimes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PiuissX8-Q #followthewind #adandelionclock

Dimitri wanted to play the drums for as long as he remembers.Circumstance however allowed him to pick up a kit only in 2007. Till then, he was banging on pots and pans and boxes constantly, getting thrown off of a kit whenever he got near one along with numerous insults. All of this hardly stopped him on his mission to play the drums.
After nearly 15 years of savings and having all standard education taken care of, he invested in the cheapest kit he could find that would produce any sort of sound. Being a qualified engineer and a perfectionist, he was never satisfied and kept trying various far out modifications on his kit. He sold his kit about 2 years later and then came the “Noodle”. Named after what or who, no one knows. From there he kept using all his resources to build on the kit. It sits proudly in his studio; quite the little monster now. The unusual modification and tuning patterns still cause it to produce odd and unique sounds.

One probably could not put a finger on a particular style of playing as far as his drumming is concerned. Influences that span across a vast genre of music are probably to blame. Finding music he can’t appreciate is usually a rarity. The cross culture causes a blend that is unconventional. Completely self-taught he still jokes on how his technicalities are zilch and he relies more on feelings on a given day to fuel his drumming.

Dimitri has so far stayed in the shadows hardly ever acknowledging the fact that he is a drummer, let alone a musician of any sort. Most of his work has been strictly limited to YouTube so far, with plenty of guitar playing years under his belt before the drumming years. Dimitri is currently working on his solo album doing everything on his own from writing to mastering, and playing anything that can produce some sort of musical note.

Although he has tried many projects and bands, the lack of connection and commitment has often led to him sticking alone. As he says: “Still waiting for the right mix, and time I've got plenty”.

Drum Covers : www.youtube.com/acephaliax