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Dimitri Jungi

Dimitri Jungi

My name is Dimitri Jungi and i´m from Stockholm Sweden.
Drums are my true passion and playing metal in different dark/extremef orms is what keeps me on the path. I like to challenge myself and try to blend in different kind of genres into my own style of painting behind the drums. Blues and some kind of fusion jazz is my mainly influence. In 2008 I was in a minor motorcycle accident, I hit my shoulder bad and I was away almost a year from the drums and it was a long road back to get in shape and to be able to play at my level again, So I made my self a promise to reach a better form and to drum at the best of my ability. I made some good friends on that journey of mine and got involved in a few new bands, I started to do a lot of shows and recording albums. So here I am standing today very proud of achieving some of my goals so far on this journey, I'm playing in three great bands from Sweden and having the honor to be included in the Soultone family!

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Ride"19 Extreme series
Crash"18 Extreme series
Crash"16 Extreme series
Crash"15 Extreme series
China"14 Extreme series
Hi Hats"13 Extreme series