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Dillon Moore

Dillon Moore

Tears Of December / Kitsune Undertow / Session Drummer

Dillon Lee Moore was born in Salem Virginia on July 1st 1995. He is a self taught drummer, he has been drumming for little over a decade. He grew up In a small town in Virginia with a even smaller music scene, despite that his band Tears Of December (formerly known as As Terror Begins) started to prosper and grow there fan base. They are a melodic metalcore/Thrash band from Natural Bridge Virginia. Over the years our line up in the band has changed but lead guitarist/vocalist Alvin”Buck” Mohler and Dillon had always been a constant. His father passed away February 17th 2017 due to that and other personal reasons the band took a two year hiatus, but are back now and better than ever. To this day they still write music and preform. You can stay updated and keep up with the band and Dillon at the links listed below.

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•Social Media-www.facebook.com/tearsofdecemberband

My Soultone Set: 

20" Extreme Mega Bell Ride
20” Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
16" Extreme Crash
10" Extreme Splash
18" Extreme China
14” Extreme Hi Hat



Sat 21

I’m officially the drummer for the band Kitsune Undertow as well as Tears Of December

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Sat 21

I’m officially the drummer for the band Kitsune Undertow(metal band) as well as Tears Of December(melodic Metalcore... Read More