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Diego Patino

Diego Patino

The LA based drummer, Diego Patino (born 28th of August 1996) in the suburbs of Bogota, Colombia, is the drummer for the Alternative Funk Rock band It`s Butter as well as the Progressive Metal band Sinicle and the Ecuadorian boy band 3 is a Way. Starting drums at the age of 15, under the tuition of the Latin America drum icon Christian Freire in Ecuador, he has progressed miles behind the kit. Known for his smooth groove and ability to play for the music, he has been able to play major venues around California and Latin America along with major artists such as One Direction, Exodus, D.R.I., Overkill, Chon, Drew of the Drew, among others.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Gospel Ride
14" Custom Hi Hats
12" Gospel Hi Hats
16" Gospel Crash
6" Extreme Splash
12" FXO 6
14" FXO 6

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