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Dewayne “D’Incede”Cowles is a filmscoring, sound designing music producer & musician from Newport News, VA. Dewayne is best known for his contributions to the Synch library known as "Drip Library" as he took listeners back in time with Drips '90s & 2000s catalog for synch in film. Dewayne's journey as a musician began in the southern pentecostal church as he learned how to play drum set by ear based off of mimicry and observation. Shortly after, Dewayne honed his skills through academia and became versed in multiple styles as well as genres. Upon gaining this knowledge Dewayne went on to audition and tour with various big bands,Jazz trios and Jazz combo groups winning multiple festival awards as well as sealing the opportunity to open up for Wynton Marsalis. Dewayne continued his training at the graduate level at California Institute of the Arts studying under professor Joe Labarbera where he also honed his skills as a pianist, sound designer, producer and film composer. Dewayne D'Incede Cowles currently works as a Music Consultant/ Music Supervisor at (HMG Sync), a film composer/producer for synch libraries and performs for local groups/studios in California.

My Soultone Set: 

6" Splash
10" China
10" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
12" FXO6
Noa Cymbal Pack - 19" Ride, 16" Crash and 13" Hi hats
20" Vintage

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