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Derek Cochrane

Derek Cochrane

The House of Haunt

AKA Ratcliffe Turpin
From Uxbridge, Ontario

Derek started playing drums at the age of 13. He is self taught, learning in the basement of his family farm. He has played in many local cover and original bands.
Derek took a break when he became a single father to focus on his daughter and worked nights closing highways.
After meeting his partner and sick of playing by himself it was time to focus on music gain. Derek joined an Indie Rock band, The Black Suits and they performed throughout the Durham Region in 2007/2008.
In 2009 Derek joined the Toronto based Punk/Metal/Thrash band Braincell Graveyard. They recorded 2 albums together, The F***ing EP and 6,1,3.
Derek joined the Monster Billy/Psychobilly band, The House of Haunt, in 2019. This national touring band mainly play shows in Ontario, Canada. To date, Derek has recorded 1 album, Blood on the Silver Screen, and a live acoustic album, Cemetery Road, (unreleased).

My Soultone Set: 

14" Extreme Hi Hat
16" Vintage Crash
18" Vintage Crash
19" Extreme Ride