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Dennis Svensson

Dennis Svensson

Dennis is an experimental drummer from Gothenburg, Sweden.
He found the passion for drums when he was eleven years old and has played ever since then.
It all started out in small bands that plays covers etc, and alot of practice besides that.

The main project is the metal band Deceptic from Sweden, that will release their debut album 2014 worldwide.
Deceptic released a five track EP 2011 and have played at a lot of different clubs and festivals since then.

Besides to Deceptic he is a drum teacher, and does play in some side projects.

You will find more info about Dennis and Deceptic at these links:


My Soultone Set: 

17" Extreme Crash
10" Extreme Splash
18" Extreme Crash
19" Extreme China
14" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
20" Extreme Ride

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