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Dennis Harms

Dennis Harms

Dennis Harms was born in 1989 in Emden, Germany and started seriously playing drums at the age of 16, after recognizing that guitars aren’t his kind of instrument.

With 17 he started drumming for this region well known thrash/heavy metal band “Mentora”, where he produced 1 EP and 1 album. The band was dissolved by the tragic death of the guitarist in 2011.

At this time he moved to Muenster for an education and joined the now also dissolved progressive thrash metal band “Isonomia” where he improved his skills and additionally supported the death metal/metalcore band “Icarus’ Downfall” for about a year as live drummer.

In 2014 he moved back to Emden because of professional reasons and established the progressive death metal band “Apallic”, which produced their first EP "Somnium" in 2015 at the well known "Soundloge" studio (e.g. Sinister, Suicidal Angels, God Dethroned, Dew-Scented...). On the 2nd of June in 2017 they release their 53 minute debut album “Of Fate And Sanity” through Boersma Records.

His style can be described generally as fast death metal drumming with some thrash metal elements and progressive influences.

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