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Denis Cusumano

Denis Cusumano

Born in Casablanca (Morocco), I grew up in Clermont-Ferrand (France) where my family moved when I was a child.

I started music as self-taught drummer in high school playing Rolling Stones stuff with Grafitti my first band. My idols were Buddy Rich and Ian Paice!

After 15 years of dancing orchestra, in 1995 I decided to turn to Blues music with Mo and The Reapers (one album).

2005-2015 with The West Farmers playing country rock for country line dancers.

2013-2017, The Night Cats, a blues power trio then quartet took me back to Blues(mini EP).

March 2018 saw the beginning of my current band: Little Mouse and The Hungry Cats, Blues again but with a female singer!We had an amazing start (mini EP) which allows us a stunning next year with some famous festivals in France and in Switzerland.An album for 2019 is in our minds and ideas are coming!

I am always ready to play with friends and others likeAurelien Morro and The Checkers, Jeff Toto Blues or Christophe Hanard.

I was connected to the SOULTONE world by my friend YANICK SASTRE in 2016.I listened all the demos on Youtube, so at the end of this year, I was ready to order a complete set of VINTAGE cymbals. I proudly play these wonderful cymbals since the day I receive them in March 2017. I love their warm, clear and powerful sound. Their tone suits the sound of my Ludwig drums!

Playing music with friends and have good times with my family,whatelse?

My Soultone Set: 

My VINTAGE Series set:
22‘’ Ride
22" Crash
20’’ Crash
19’’ Crash
10’’ Splash
15’’ Hi Hats

For small venues, I use an incredible NOA set!
13" Hi Hats
16" Crash
19" Ride