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DeHaven - Drummer, Vocalist, Songwriter & Producer for his band Olio and their label AD4 Records. Twenty years of versatility, from Metal to R&B, developed his in your face style which provides a solid base for Olio's natural rhythmic charisma. DeHaven's use of acoustic and electronic drums expand their sound design and his on-stage antics bring explosive energy to the group. Olio is on their 6th CD project now. "Untitled" is their latest full length album (Spring 2014) this album returns the band to their roots of a more in your face Rock, Funk & Pop sound. It also features 4 lead vocals by the drummer and another track where he and guitarist, Arif share the duties. A true throwback to the likes of Buddy Miles, Phil Collins, Don Henley and so on... you get a real sense of who this guy is as a musician and a performer.
Most recently DeHaven was featured in a Podcast specifically highlighting Drummers of some of the best Indie bands around. "Band the Drum Loudly" was the name of the show on (

He is the former Director of Music and Arts at the Friendship Baptist Church, where he was also the drummer. He Recorded 3 full album projects with FBC Mass Choir: FBC Mass Choir Live- 1998, Soul of Christmas- 2002 & Heaven in the Room- 2003. The Friendship Baptist Church Mass Choir who has gained national attention with national radio play and Network T.V. projects on NBC, BET, WORD Network & TNT. DeHaven has been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine and in DRUM! Magazine in 1999 for his work on Olio’s debut cd Ain’t No Party Like an Olio Party Live.

Endorsements: Soultone Cymbals, Spaun Drums, Pintech Electronics, Silverfox Drumsticks, Cympad, Cymbag, Kickport, Phatfoot Drum Harness
In 2015 he started a Drum Blog, that features the Unknown, Up & Coming, Unsung and Underground Drummers. It's called TALKIN' CHOP check it out at

you can always catch DeHaven online through social media or even better catch him with his band Olio on tour or at local shows in So. Cal.

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