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DaVonte “Deuce“ Harris

DaVonte “Deuce“ Harris

DaVonte “Deuce“ Harris
[Chris Bloom , Nelle Rose , Tryf Da Comedian] was born and raised in Detroit , Michigan. He began playing drums at the age of 3 for his grandfather’s quartet group. DaVonte is influenced by great drummers such as Chris Coleman , Vinnie Colaiuta, Calvin Rodgers, Nick Smith and many others. He is a signed artist for Good People Club Ent. DaVonte continues to grow and develop as a musician, as well as being a successful drummer, as this is the only beginning of his journey. Impacting the world through music, he continues to reach a higher understanding towards his craft daily; DaVonte is also an accomplished bassist, and producer, working with many talents home and abroad.



My Soultone Set: 

10” gospel China
11” Q splash
16” natural hi hat pair
18” vintage old school 1964
19” natural crash
21” natural crash ride

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