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David Walter Graham

David Walter Graham

Loin Hammer

"Gods of war I call you, my sword is by my side
I seek a life of honor free from all false pride
I will crack the whip with a bold mighty hail
Cover me with death if I should ever fail
Glory, majesty, unity, hail, hail, hail."
- The Warriors Prayer of Manowar, the Loin Hammer code of Honor.
David Walter Graham was spawned in the vast, cold tundra now known as Livingston, Montana. There, in the peaceful valley known as Paradise Valley, the young warrior grew strong and learned of the ways of the metal warrior. Through years of brutal training under the master warrior Paul Gates, David became mighty in the ways of wardrums. But just as the moon is swallowed by the sun, the young ward soon outgrew his mentor, and sought guidance in the western highlands of montana, known as Missoula. There he met a legendary warrior, known to us as Dr. Robert LedBetter. With the Doctor's unrelenting, ruthless training techniques, David was able to refine his raw fury into an unstoppable force fueled by thrash and metal. However, due to a lack of "accepted" currency, he abandoned his training to be more "responsible". He traveled north to Kalispell, seeking employment. This flung our young warrior into a deep abyss, the likes of which he has never seen. And there he stayed, practicing in solitude, until he was roped out of the chasm by two mighty warrior brethren, Jared Boggess and Roy Cripe. Together, with Rick Bushnell and Mckenzie Reeve, they formed a mighty band of warriors that called themselves Trucidation.
David now beats his victorious wardrums as Melius Hammer Thrasher with his fellow warrior comanions Devin "Devinescence" Hanson, Jared "Boggessus Maximus" Boggess, Doug "Alzeathane T. Warrior" McCallum, and Jeremy "Wyrmbeast" Evert in the triumphant band of brethren they call Loin Hammer. They ride into victory from the picturesque landscape known as Flathead Valley, and continue to sound the Warriors call heard throughout the land.

My Soultone Set: 

15" Extreme Crash
18" Custom Brilliant FXO 6 Effect China
22" Extreme Ride
15" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
16" Extreme Crash