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David "Trey" Cozart III

David "Trey" Cozart III

David is a 15 year-old, West Orange, New Jersey resident aspiring professional drummer. David also known as Trey has been playing since age 2. His first public debut was at age 5. Since then, he has been “the” featured drummer, at various school concerts, talent shows and other public performances in which his solos are greatly anticipated.

His attitude, willingness to learn and drive for perfection continues to be an asset. He studied under Master Drummer, Glenn Weber and is currently under the instruction of Jazz drummer Vincent Ector. David’s friend and mentor is Soultone’s own Jonathan Lemaine. His passion for music covers various genres. He plays gospel, R & B, Latin/Caribbean, and jazz. He currently attends the Wells Fargo Jazz for Teens program at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in Newark, New Jersey. He plays for Intercession, a Paterson, New Jersey area gospel choir under the direction of Dr. Michelle Williams. He also plays for Christ Church of Montclair, New Jersey Voices of Truth.

At age 10, while playing at the Harvest Festival at New Jersey’s Meadowlands Stadium, Brian Haley from Toby Mac-Diverse City Band heard him play. He received an invite to attend Toby Mac’s Camp Electric, in Nashville, TN. Unfortunately, due to age he was unable to attend until age 12. Age 12, he attended the camp and was afforded an opportunity to perform with Toby Mac. His performance can be viewed on YouTube.

His overall drive and passion for music has afforded him an opportunity to display his talents. The majority of his performance highlighted his ability to play gospel. However, he has played with other musicians at the following venues:

• The Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center, (OSPAC), summer music workshop

• Renown professional drummer/producer Camille Gainer Jones at her drum clinic at The Collective, in New York City

• Areas clubs/restaurants such as The Falcon, in Marlboro, New York, Jacksonville in Paterson, New Jersey and Hat City Kitchen, in Orange, New Jersey

• Craig Redmond annual drum clinics in Paterson, New Jersey