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David Mendez

David Mendez


David Mendez was born, August 10, 1992 in Bogota, Colombia. He began drum lessons at age 7 at various schools and local churches, at 10 years of age he debuted live and in recording with the rock band "Estados Alterados". Then at age 12 he started classes at the Luis A. Calvo Conservatory at the District University, where he learned from drummers such as Luis Molina, Carlos Hernandez, Frank Calsadilla, Oracio "El Negro" Hernandez among others. With them he explored different genres such as Funk, Jazz and Blues. During the next 5 years he became a part of many bands and participated in several recordings. At age 18 he has already gained enough experience and he began to experiment with new genres, like his current hardcore band called "En Mi Lugar", with whom he has recorded 2 albums and has been working arduously for the past 3 years. He has been a part of various national tours and has played internationally with his former band "Tras La Sangre". Currently David is 21-years-old and is part of the most representative talent among hardcore bands in not only Colombia but also Latin America and will surely show more results in the near future de to his talent, dedication, effort and love for music. Aside from this he has shared the stage with bands such as August Burns Red, For Today, H2O, Agnostic Front, Looking Forward, Have Heart, Safemode and Sleeping Giant.

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