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David "Dave" Fogato

David "Dave" Fogato

David "Dave" Fogato (born 29th February 1984), from Bolzano, a city in the far north east of Italy and drummer for the Italian Hardcore band "Green Arrows". Starting drums at the age of 16, he was influenced by the power of legends like Igor Cavalera and Vinnie Paul Abbott (r.i.p.), and attracted from grooves and sound details from Chad Smith (RHCP) and John Otto (Limp Bizkit). With time and continuous and maniacal practice, he found his own straight powerful sound, a trademark and most appreciate feature of his band.
He played in several underground Rock bands, and in 2003, he embraced "Green Arrows" as his main Band, releasing 7 LP and playing on many stages around all Europe.
His setup is a classic set :

● 22"x18" Bass Drum,
● 12" Tom Tom,
● 16" Floor Tom,
● 14"x6" Snare Drum,
● Pad for drop bass sounds and samples

My Soultone Set: 

● 14" HiHat Custom series
● 17" Crash Custom Brilliant series
● 19" Crash Custom series
● 21" Ride Custom series
● 19" China FXO 6 series