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David Arnold

David Arnold

David began playing at 12 years old in his church band while taking informal lessons from the church’s lead musician Russell Thompson. Russell, a Wayne State University Music Graduate, took David under his wing and exposed him to bands like Rush, Led Zeppelin and Kansas, as well as drummers like Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta. In turn, these artists would all have an impact on David and his music / drumming style. After a year of playing various church functions, David became the church’s lead drummer. After a few years of informal lessons, David began to take more formal lessons from various local Detroit, MI area teachers, including Chris Rea, Dan Maslanka, and Randy Jordan.

In the late 1990’s into the early 2000’s David began playing in bands such as Baby Finster, Mind Circus, Drifting Time, and the Fred Rose Band. In 1997 David was awarded “Best Snare Drummer” and “Best Drum Set Drummer” at the American Guild of Music Regional event hosted in Dearborn, MI. Shortly thereafter, David formed his own jazz band, David Arnold Band, where he enjoyed great local success at numerous venues and festivals in the southeast Michigan area. David also joined Midst of Lions and reveled in local, regional and international success. During this time, David also enjoyed being a drum instructor at various locations in the Southeast Michigan area, including Huber and Breese Music, Mount Clemens Art Consortium, and Music Maker Studio.

In 2008, David stepped away from music and enlisted in the US Army. During his time at Fort Campbell, KY, he would find time to play with various musicians in the Nashville, TN area, however he wasn’t able to settle into a full-time band or be a session player, due to the demands and time constraints of the Army.

In 2013, David returned to his roots in Detroit, MI. He took some time to explore the music scene and his music options before settling in with Interstate Revival in early 2018. This band previously released their debut title album “PULL” in 2016 and has been enjoying some success, but they found themselves in need of a drummer. David auditioned and was immediately brought onboard. The band is currently writing & recording a new project featuring David as their drummer, and they are also re-recording old songs as well.

David is continuing to improving his drum skills and techniques by expanding his knowledge of the instrument with various instructors, as well as performing with other artists, bands and musicians. David is always excited for what the future holds and what adventures are around the next corner, stay tuned for what exciting opportunities David is involved with.

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10" Hi Hat Pair - 3 jingles added to bottom Hat
16" Custom Crash
18" Custom Crash
14" Custom Brilliant Hi hat Pair
13" Custom Brilliant Hi hat Pair
17" FXO 6 Effect Crash
8" Custom Brilliant Splash
18" FXO 6 China
10" FXO 5 Splash