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David Allen

David Allen

Lost In atlantis

David states:

" I first started playing drums when I was 12 and then I was hooked. The first time I ever played a drum beat I thought I was the most coolest thing in the world!!! I knew from that point on IM A DRUMMER!

I first started playing drums by myself and getting the hang of things. Once I could actually play a couple beats I was like "I wanna start a band!" I got together with a guitar player buddy from church and told him we should jam. Like the next weekend or so we jammed and had like a couple songs and things like that. I knew from that point on I also wanted to be a musician.

After a couple years I was in 2 bands at once and it was fun at the time but very stressful. One day we wanted to record at a studio and lay some tracks down so we looked for studios in the area and my buddy found a place called the AT studio in Torrance. We talked to the engineer Chuck and we set up some dates to record When we got there and started recording for a while Chuck says "I’m a starting a band" and he wanted us to check out his track so we heard it and I was like "Wow this guys awesome". He said he needed a drummer and that it was gonna be a serious band. That’s what I wanted so I asked him if I could try out and he gave me the track and I practiced it for like a couple days and called him up and said lets play it and we did and I thought I did a pretty good job and I guess He thought I did too. That's how Oh Sweet Ransom, the band I am in now, began."

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