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Dave Stielper

Dave Stielper

Dave Stielper was born in Bavaria (Germany) in 1993 and started playing the drums at the age of 8. He got his first band experience at his home church in Nuremberg. In spite of his young age he played with various artists in some band projects and he has always had the desire and ear for drumming. Dave is listening closely to a lot of popular drummer, especially to his awesome drum teacher , to increase his own technique and style. He is presently the drummer for the german band „Good Weather Forecast“ and shared the stage with Switchfoot, Anberlin, Jars of Clay, Kutless and others in different countries. His brandnew Soultone cymbals are the best cymbals, he has ever played with! They are most probably the last step in a continuously process to get the perfect sound.


I have never heard any other cymbals that create such a brilliant and incredible sound!

(Fabian Mader, FoH engineer, Good Weather Forecast)