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Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

My name is Dave Hunt, I am 23 years old and have been playing drums for over 8 years. After playing for about a year I joined the 15 piece orchestra at my church and performed every Sunday. Since then I have played with multiple bands of different genres ranging from jazz and ska to contemporary rock and heavy metal. I am always looking for new ways to test my skill and learn new techniques. I am currently playing in the band Chronic Frailty, we play churches and bars all over the DFW area. With a hard rock/metal sound we are able to relate better with teens in getting the message of Jesus Christ!

My set up:

Pearl export 5 piece.

Toms: 12in, 14in, 16in Evans heads

Snare: 16in Evens 2 ply

Kick: 22in Evans EMOD 2

Pedals: Iron Cobra