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Dave Goode

Dave Goode

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Ronny North

Born in Seattle WA in 1961, family relocated to Orange County CA. The Obsession with drumming began at 8 years old after watching high school drumline at football games on Friday nights. Later in life while traveling around Europe and UK with family, David witnessed Tommy Aldridge with Black Oak Arkansas live in London and it was all over… Starting out on accordion then trombone then piano David insisted stubbornly that drumming was his passion and his parents bought him his first kit under the arrangement that he would surpass the expectations of his instructors which he did and then some, still obsessed to this moment
First drum lessons with Robert Wrate of West Coast Drum while being on the same drumline from previous at Costa Mesa High School later going with Joe Zawierucha of West Coast Drum to prepare for PIT at Musicians Institute where David graduated a 1 year course winning the best rock drummer of his class award. As time would go on David took private lessons from Rod Morgenstein, Virgil Donati, Bill Ward, Joey Heredia and Jimmy Ford. David is currently listening to as many Gospel drummers as possible for tips on speed, power, musicality and overall groove.
David began with the Drumline at Costa Mesa High School leading to playing parties with the parents of high school buddies then leading to getting into the Orange County cover scene which he does to this day as well as playing Church and a variety of volunteer causes including Recovery and also the military.
His first pro gig was playing double drums alongside Bill Ward of Black Sabbath fame, then playing in the house band at Marquee Club in Garden Grove during the best of times in OC music scene opening for all touring acts all while attending PIT. As time has gone on David played/recorded/ toured with:
Mark St. John (KISS), Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Delta Nove, Eric Turner Band, Griff Hamlin Band, Ronny North, Bobby Kimball (Toto), Union Of Saints
David currently plays all over Orange County with main cover band Parkai Moon while playing for a multitude of Churches and is still obsessed with the drums and would classify himself as a rock drummer who loves anything and everything especially if it’s fast, loud, aggressive or emotional.

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