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Dave Fernandez

Dave Fernandez

ORMUS / Elektric Lucie / Kill Hollywood / Mushroom People

AGE: 32

BIRTHPLACE: Blythe, CA / raised in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

MUSIC STYLE: Rock & Metal

WHEN & WHY YOU STARTED PLAYING DRUMS: I started playing drums at the age of 18. Ever since I started listening to music obsessively, around the age of 13, rhythm was always the first thing that hit my ears, even if it didn't come from a drumset. I didn't even realize it was rhythm what I found so great about music.
I would learn about rhythm years later as I learned more about music. The first time I saw a drummer playing on stage (it was probably a cover band in a family party or something like that) was the moment I knew I wanted to play drums. Watching this drummer's coordination and an precise movements completely mesmerized me, and I knew I would do whatever I had within my possibilities to become a drummer.
Being in the background and looking at your bandmates is not only part of being a drummer but also a teammate. I enjoy that aspect of being a drummer even though I believe drummers are the unsung heroes of bands. I feel the majority of people don't realize how important of an asset a good drummer is; especially one who provides what a song calls for.

WHY CHOOSING SOULTONE CYMBALS: Within the realm of Rock and Metal I felt the need of a set of cymbals that could be have a nice range of hard and soft. In both styles of music I like to play with that range within the styles. I feel Soultone Cymbals achieve this versatility beautifully. At times they could be used to play very hard and fast, but others they could be used to play behind a groovy and melodic part; in both scenarios they sound great.

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Mushroom People
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My Soultone Set: 

24". Explosion Mega Bell Ride
19" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
18" Explosion China
17" Custom Brilliant Crash
15" Extreme Hi Hats
10" Custom Brilliant Splash