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Darin Fitz

Darin Fitz

The Noctambulant/Dungeon Wolf/Look

Darin Fitz (a.k.a. D. Franseth) started playing drums at 18 and after 3 years learning from his favorite drummers an also bands, Darin Began playing professional when he was 21 playing local bars and clubs with cover bands and hard rock/punk originals.

In 1994 darin recorded his first EP with Frayed Knot which signed on with Refront Records and started his drumming career playing with various touring projects and working studio sessions.

In 1998 Darin started playing with the shoegaze band Stella Luna which in 2001 released the EP "Stargazer" on Claire records. once again Darin performed local shows and did regional touring until 2003.

2004 til 2009 Darin took time off for personal health reasons and went back to school which he earned his bachelors degree in management.

In 2012, Darin with guitarist /vocalist Phil Newton formed The Noctambulant and soon after recorded 3 ep's and following that a full length in 2016 titled "Advocatus Diaboli" on DG Records. in 2017, The Noctambulant signed a deal with Art Gate Records and released a full length "The Cold and Formless Deep" in June 2019 with video and touring to follow.

In 2020, Darin has signed his first endorsement with Soul Tone cymbals and will exclusively play their cymbals.

Band Bio
The Noctambulant is a melodic black metal ensemble
from Jacksonville, FL. Specializing in a dark,
atmospheric sound that invokes the blackest of
northern tenets while never ignoring titan hooks that
keep listeners coming back; The Noctambulant literally
means “night walker”, a fitting title for a musical
collective risen from the darkest catacombs of metal.
The Noctambulant has released three extended
play albums: Dreams of Rotten Silence (2013), The
Fear Leader (2014) and Hubris and Nemesis (2015).
2016 saw the release of their first full length album,
Advocatus Diaboli(DG Records) and a video for
the single 'Goddess'. Their unique sound has terrorized and enthralled fans at Death to Miami III, Deland Metal Festival, Black Kvlt Fest II and while providing support for Moonspell, Skeleton Witch, Turisas, and Thy Antichrist.
The band is currently putting the final touches of black
ichor on their second full length to be released June 28, 2019 on Art Gate Records titled "The cold and Formless Deep".

My Soultone Set: 

12" Extreme splash
13" Extreme Hi hats
14" Abby hi hats
16" Abby crash
18" Abby crash
18" Extreme china
20" Abby ride