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Daniel Theobald

Daniel Theobald

"These cymbals are very trustworthy, and the tone is inch perfect every time."

Dan” Tybalt” Theobald is a British extreme metal drummer living in Oslo, Norway.
He has played in several bands since the mid-nineties, playing in bands such as 13 Candles, Twisted Autumn Darkness and Heathen Deity before moving to Oslo.
In Oslo he began playing with the bands Pantheon I, Ethereal Forest, Curse, Fortid, Jointhugger and is currently in Den Saakaldte, The 3rd Attempt and an undisclosed project.
Being on the road is his favourite aspect of playing, but he also loves being creative and the whole vibe of getting the perfect take in the studio.

Twisted Autumn Darkness:
Darkness rising (2001)
Destroy the bastard and trinity (Def 2 music, 2003)
Demo (2007)

Heathen Deity:
For the glory of Satan (2002)
The Damnation tapes (2004)

Pantheon I:
Demo (2006)
The wanderer and his shadow (Candlelight records, 2007)
From the abyss they rise (Non serviam records, 2014)

Ethereal Forest:
Demo (2006)
Across the pagan labyrinth (2015)

Demo (2010)
Pagan prophecies (Schwarzdorn Production, 2012)
Nine (Schwarzdorn Production, 2015)
The demo sessions (Symbol of Domination prod, 2016)
World Serpent (Prophecy, 2020)

I am no one (Intersteller Smoke Records, 2020)
Reaper season (Majestic Mountain Records, 2021)

Den Saakaldte:
DS/Horna split (Blut and Olsen production, 2013)
Kapittel 2: Faen i helvete (Agonia records, 2014)
DS/Varathron split (Floga records, 2014)
DS/Principality of hell split (Floga records, 2015)

Void above, abyss below (Schwarzdorn production, 2011)
Necroholic. Split with Styggelse and Wan (Black plague records, Satanath records, the true plague, 2015)

The 3rd Attempt:
Born in thorns (Dark Essence records, 2015)
Egocidal Path (Dark essence Records, 2017)

The first thing I noticed about Soultone cymbals is how much diversity in cymbals they have. As there are so many great sounding cymbals, it took a long time to choose mine. I'm not forgetting the visual aspect, though. Wow!! I’m chuffed to bits on the sound both in the studio and live. These cymbals are very trustworthy, and the tone is inch perfect every time.
Also, the way the artist relations have treated me is absolutely second to none. Very quick to get back, and I've had every question answered. I couldn’t wish for a better team to work with.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Explosion Ride
14" Extreme Hi-Hats
18" Extreme Crash
18" Extreme Crash
10" Extreme Splash
12" Extreme Splash
18" Custom Brilliant China