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Daniel Neagoe

Daniel Neagoe

Born in 1983 in Romania, Daniel has pursued musical activities for two decades. In a country recently rid of dictatorship, where music and musical activities were prohibited or well controlled, many musicians have found themselves barred from studying, with very little space and materials.

After the fall of the regime, things have started to loosen up quite a bit and opportunities started to arise and in 1997 Daniel joined his first band in a small town in the south of the country which lasted until it was time to go to college.

In a much bigger city, Daniel formed his very first band called My Shadow, a band that quickly conquered the Romanian scene. Besides My Shadow, Daniel played drums for Fogland, whose members were shared by the critically acclaimed Negura Bunget.

2005 saw Daniel taking opportunity of moving abroad to the UK, where musical activities saw the forming of Eye Of Solitude, a band whose music would stand as a cornerstone for Funeral Doom for a whole decade, playing the entire Europe and conquering the American soil with a headlining tour across the entire Western Coast.
Along Eye Of Solitude, Daniel played for the black metal act Sidious (whose album was produced by the amazing Russ Russell / Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death etc), joined Finnish Funeral Doom veterans Shape Of Despair and Aeonian Sorrow, a collaboration between Finnish and Greek musicians.

The pinnacle of Daniel's musical career is represented by Clouds, a band that has grown exponentially in only 7 years, with a wide following, amazing feedback from both media and the public, having had many tours and shows alongside great names in the scene such as Saturnus, Swallow The Sun, Rotting Christ, and so on.

Daniel is a multi instrumentalist and composer and his work can be heard on the entire globe via media websites such as Metal Injection, Kerrang, Invisible Oranges, Metal Hammer (DE), and many more.

Daniel's statement to Soultone:

I am extremely happy and proud to join the Soultone family, I am extremely picky when it comes to cymbals and Soultone is a company who deliver the utmost quality, respect and friendship. With such great names as their endorsers, I feel privileged and I am looking forward to a fruitious collaboration. It means the world to me to have my own signature cymbals and I shall play them with pride and passion as with all my music.
Many thanks to Laura and the Soultone family for this awesome opportunity.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Explosion Ride
18" Explosion Crash
12" Explosion Splash
10" Explosion Splash
18" Explosion China
14" Explosion Hi Hats