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Daniel Muhr

Daniel Muhr

Hy my name is Daniel. You can call me Dani if you like.
I was born on 15.06.1993 in Austria / Styria. Since I discovered first bands like Blink 182 or Sum 41 in primary school, I wanted to be a drummer. I started studying at different schools and with different teachers. I played in the military music of Austria. I play with different bands and musicians like (Alex Kappler,Kev Etheridge). Now I am the drummer of the band '' Iggy Stone and Alpenrocker`` we play over 120 shows a year all around the world and I love it! If you want to know more about me or my band please feel free to contact me. Or check out the links below. I hope I hear from you soon! Keep on drumming!
All the best!

My Soultone Set: 

21" Crash/Ride Vintage Old School 1964
17" Crash Vintage Old School 1964
14" Hi-Hats Vintage Old School 1964
18" FXO B6 Special order Vintage Old School 1964
18" Crash Vintage Old School 1964 / 20" Ride Extreme Stack

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